What does the person who visits your profile for the first time see? Your biography and YOUR FEED, or rather the last 6-9 posts. It is the coherent feed that can influence whether someone will see your profile.

Remember, however, that it will not guarantee you a committed community. While some time ago a nice feed and interesting pictures were enough, what counts now is VALUE, which is what you give to your audience and what the audience gains by observing your profile. This is what makes the new audience engage in the content you create and they will not see you after a few days. Therefore, instead of just focusing on whether your profile is consistent, focus on action and create content that is attractive to your audience.

  1. Think about the color palette

If you look closely at the most consistent profiles on Instagram, you will notice that they are very often based on one or few basic colors. It is these that make the individual images fit together, creating a consistent whole, no matter what is in the image.

I do the same on my feed, based on 4 colours: brown, orange, blue and green.

  1. Make your preset.

Even though there are now popular packages of presets to buy, I would recommend you to create your own preset or a few presets that will make your feed a unique style. It will help you to bring out the color palette of your choice from each photo.

I’ve had my own preset for a long time now, which I can adjust to the photos, depending on where, at what time and in what light it was taken.

  1. Do not add the same pictures side by side.

Nothing looks worse on the feed, than the same photos added one by one. And it’s not about not putting the photos from one session side by side, but about experimenting with the angle of the photo, the distance from the photographed object, etc., so that they are clearly different from each other and each has something interesting about it.

I always follow the rule of adding up to 3 photos from one location and intertwine them with others so that they are never next to each other, but you can do it completely differently.

  1. Plan your feed.

You may have added a post that should theoretically match the feed, but when you added it, you found that it broke the whole grid. That’s why it’s best to use one of the apps for scheduling your posts, rather than adding photos on a perceptive basis.I’ve used many applications of this kind, but

I’m one of my favorites are Feed Previes, Planoly and Preview.

5. Remember, you only see what’s in the square on the feed.

Although the currently recommended photo size for the Instagram is 1080×1350 (4×5), on the feed the photo will appear as a square. It is worth remembering this! Therefore, already when processing the photo, pay attention to what is in this central part.

Mistakes in framing the photo under the feed occur mainly in the case of the self and the whole silhouette. If you add a photo without checking what it will look like, you either cut off half of your face or leave without your feet and the top of your head.

How am I planning my feed?

When processing photos from a given location, I always choose the 3 I like the most and add them to the application where I plan my feed. This way I always see what pictures I have to choose and I can easily change their order.

If when planning a feed I miss a photo that is dominated by e.g. green, I create a substitute graphic, i.e. a square in green, or I put a photo in a similar color scheme in this place.

Let me know in the comments what your tricks and favorite feed planning applications are.

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